A downloadable game for Windows and Android

GALDOR the Great is virtual reality fortune teller made for the GearVR. Created during the Becker 2016 24-hr game jam. Cardboard version pending.

HOW TO PLAY: GALDOR does not require buttons to play; instead, simply nod or shake your head to respond positively or negatively.


Tom Farro - Programmer

Dillon DeSimone - 3D Artist

Kelly Zhang - Programmer

Install instructions

Download the .apk and install it into a GearVR compatible device. Then launch the app and pop it in your headset!

There's also a janked-out PC build where you can control the camera with the mouse!


GaldorVRv2.apk (22 MB)
GaldorPCv1.zip (13 MB)


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Nice touch for the game jam!~